What Can You Expect From The Summit?

This summit is all about providing YOU with the knowledge and tools to heal naturally.

From The Thyroid Healing Summit You Will:

  • Gain an insight into the autoimmune paleo protocol

  • Find out which functional medicine tests are important for your thyroid

  • How to eat to heal your gut

  • How psychology affects your thyroid health

  • Learn about female hormonal health and how it relates to your thyroid

  • Learn about lifestyle factors that are important for improving thyroid health

  • Find out how to treat your PCOS naturally through nutrition and exercise.

  • Learn how to cook simple and delicious gluten and dairy free meals.

  • And much more….



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Dr. Jolene Brighten

Functional Medicine Naturopathic MD

Dr. Izabella Wentz

Functional Medicine Pharm D

Dr. Amy Myers

Functional Medicine Doctor

Angela Alt

Angela Alt

Nutritional Therapy Consultant

Mickey Trescott

Mickey Trescott

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

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