Tina Christoudias-Spyrou

Tina Christoudias-Spyrou

Functional Registered Dietitian

Tina is a Harvard-trained Registered Dietitian who through her own personal journey of having Hashimoto’s thyroiditis has changed her approach to include more holistic and functional nutrition therapies in her 20-year practice. She specializes in nutrition protocols for thyroid disease and is the only Autoimmune Paleo Certified Coach in Cyprus.

Tina is the author of the book, Tired of Feeling Tired? which addresses how to heal hypothyroid symptoms with nutrition. She also writes for several international blogs and has been interviewed by other experts in the UK and Cyprus about nutrition and hypothyroidism.

Tina is passionate about finding solutions for people suffering from autoimmune disease and is an advocate for patients struggling to find answers. She has recently launched an autoimmune support group in Cyprus and is in the process of obtaining a certification in functional medicine from the Institute of Functional Medicine in the United States.

Tina’s past experience on stage as an entertainer and singer will definitely make this event one to remember.

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