Marta Nikolaou

Marta Nikolaou

Certified Health & Life Coach

MMarta Nikolaou is a certified Health and Life Coach at NutriHealth.Coach. She switched to a career in health after years of being involved in the corporate industry after realizing how she could change her own circumstances with nutrition and other lifestyle changes. Through her battle of having Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Marta is now passionate about helping others to discover their own path to better health.

She is a mum of two energetic and strong-willed children. Becoming a mum changed her life and inspired her to focus on natural healing approaches in order to protect her children’s health. This,in turn, lead her to focus on her own health issues when conventional medicine was not able to help with symptoms of Hashimoto’s. Marta’s journey of regaining her health led her to become a health coach and she now helps others overcome their autoimmune issues. Marta lives a symptom-free life and coaches others on how to achieve their best health.

“My mission is to help you figure out what food your body craves or rejects as there is no one diet or protocol that works for all. Knowing your body will be your fast-track to balanced hormones and to the person you want to be. Join me to discover your personal journey to transformation.”

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