Dr. Georgios Tyrogiannis

Dr. Georgios Tyrogiannis

Functional Medicine Doctor

Internist at the Athens Medical Group and Doctor of Functional Medicine. Dr. Georgios Tyrogiannis is an enthusiastic doctor with a specialisation in Internal Medicine. After graduating from the Medical School of Athens University and practicing medicine in Greece, he found his niche and passion in the creation of prevention programs in healthy populations and particularly in patients with chronic diseases, recurrent infections, irritable bowel disease, chronic gastritis, insomnia, headache and chronic fatigue.

He is currently fulfilling his vision of educating and treating the general population on preventative medicine by writing articles in newspapers and magazines and by providing lectures and workshops and several TV show appearances. He also is a pioneer in paving the way for other physicians and pharmacists through training courses and seminars on prevention and the body’s defences based on his years of clinical experience.

Dr. Tyrogiannis is member of the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) since 2017, a founding member of the Academy of Medical Medicine since 2016, a founding member of the European Society of Antiaging Medicine (ESAM) since 2010, and a member of the Medical Association of Athens (1988) and of the Athens Medical Society (1988).

Dr. Tyrogiannis currently practices medicine in his Internal Primary Care Clinic in Glyfada, Athens.

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