Eva Hajkova

Functional Nutritionist

Eva Hajkova, MPH, MBA is a specialist in Public Health Medicine, Functional Medicine and Nutrition.

Eva gained Bachelor and Master degrees in Public Health Medicine at a Medical Faculty in the Czech Republic in 2007. Since then, Eva had gained excessive experience working for NHS (National Health Services) in London, UK as a Specialist in Public Health Medicine and a Project Manager with a focus on cancer screening programs co-ordination, commissioning and education. Since 2007, Eva has taken several professional courses at London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, UK. As nutrition has been Eva’s passion for long time, she further studied nutrition and became a Nutritionist.

As a Project Manager with a focus on preventive medicine as well as education of Health Professionals (train the trainer), Eva had decided to further broaden her knowledge with a MBA programme at ESCP Europe, London where she focussed on an online entrepreneurship (fitness, nutrition & health). After moving to Australia, she had studied functional medicine at IFM and Chris Kresser Institute.

She is an author of an evidence-based publication “Rawsome kids”, Co-founded an Institute for Functional Medicine and Nutrition in Prague, the Czech Republic and has established her own brand “eva hajkova” of organic foods, supplements and high speed blenders. She regularly appears on TV and contributes to several health and nutrition magazines.
www.evahajkova.com www.ifmv.cz www.eva-hajkova.cz www.hrave-o-zive-strave.cz

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